Website Launch. And we have liftoff!

Oh the anxiety of trying to launch a personal website!  There is good reason why this web design project has been at a nice standstill for so long - practically my entire life!  Probably because I couldn't get over myself very easy, stumped over what would represent and present me the best.  The big question? WHO AM I? And then after that, thoughts like:  What information should I include?  Which videos and photos should I select?  Man, do I really have to update my bio and resume?  Now, after all of this thinking, planning, and collecting, I finally did it!  I actually figured out a way to 'put myself out there."  And what better a day than New Years Day.  So January 1, 2016 marks the launch of my personal website I really appreciate it if you would take a look, and tell me what you think.  If all goes according to plan with these New Years Resolutions, my hope is to keep the content fresh and updated for you!