Born and raised in Seattle Washington, Elm Pizarro is an accomplished artist in every sense of the word. After graduating from the University of Washington with a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture, Elm moved to Southern California primarily to advance his architecture career. After many years of working with some of Orange County’s top design firms specializing in Entertainment Design (Edwards and Regal Cinemas) then Production and Custom Homes and Multi-Family Housing - Elm decided to switch gears soon after designing a feature home for Extreme Makeover Home Edition for the Lewis Family in El Segundo - still considered to be the crowning achievement of his entire architectural design career.

Utilizing his “eye” for graphic design, a knack for web development, interest in marketing, and his tremendous experience and lifelong passion for dance led him to create world renowned: – YOUR online dance community connection! Established in 2003, Boogiezone has served as a tremendous platform for thousands of dancers and choreographers around the globe and has opened so many doors and opportunities and bridged many dreams to reality. The Boogiezone Network is massive, with direct relationships that include the most sought after teachers, choreographers and directors, top dance studios, convention companies, talent agencies, event production companies, and more.

As the Chief Brainchild and Creator of Boogiezone, Elm has continued to expand his vision to embrace a multitude of creative endeavors; teaching all over the world, producing numerous events (Social Gatherings, Global Showcases, Theatrical Experiences, Educational Forums, Dance Intensives), and exploring all facets of creative direction from stage to film. Elm’s broad network of global contacts has opened up opportunities to expand Boogiezone. As a result, the world famous Boogiezone Community Class Network was born. The Boogiezone Community Class satellite program and concept was accepted and integrated into 14 different studios countries around the globe.  It changed the face of the dance community forever, providing a gateway for a great handful of instructors to make a career for themselves teaching and spreading dance.

As a result of building up his network and brand, Elm is now the proud owner of two physical dance studios. Boogiezone Utopia – Laboratory for the Creative Arts. The first location in Tokyo ( opened in 2010 and the next location in Torrance, CA ( opened in January 2012. It is his intention that with being able to offer the community a place to call “home,” art and dance can truly thrive. Boogiezone Utopia Torrance is a 14,000 square foot mega complex, houses over 30 Faculty members, and is the home to several well known dance companies and crews like Breed, Culture Shock Los Angeles, Clipper Spirit, and programs like Boogiezone High School, YDP - Young Directors Program, BZX –Boogiezone Xchange (3 Week Dance Intensive) just to name a few.  This year in 2016 Elm will fully launch his newest endeavor with the DNA - Developing Next Artist program, which promises to take the Community x Industry to unchartered territory!

Elm has a unique flair and approach when it comes to branding and developing programs.  The reason why he has so many under his built.  Elm is the Founder and Creative Director of “Boogiezone Armada” (Est. 2013), "Breed - Adult Exhibition Dance Company" (EST. 2003) and Co – Founder of "Offspring - Junior Exhibition Dance Company" (EST. 2008), “Prodigy – Jr. Contemporary Dance Company” (Est. 2012), “Entity – Contemporary Dance Company” (EST. 2009), “Baneful Brew – Poisonous Medley of Style” (Est. 1992) and “Diamond Disco Dollz” (EST. 2013) - which as physical extensions of Boogiezone help to spread the Boogiezone philosophy of "Community.” It is not uncommon for members who come through the Boogiezone ranks to fine tune their craft or focus their career path through Elm’s mentorship. Many of Boogiezone’s dancers progress on to dance professionally as backup dancers in music videos and tours and/or choreograph for mega artists like Rihanna, Beyonce, Usher, and Lady Gaga and have been featured on television for shows like SYTYCD, ABDC, ELLEN and movies like Step Up 2.

His newest creative endeavor utilizes his knowledge for dance and choreography and creative direction in conjunction with his massive network of connections in Entertainment. This 2017 Elm has launched a new program for developing artists called DNA - Developing Next Artist ( This groundbreaking program allows emerging artists across a wide variety of disciplines to explore, exercise, and exchange their craft. Through extensive collaboration, and the process of creation, this program provides the opportunity and platform for artists to express themselves freely. This allows them to create amazing pieces of work through which experience is gained, knowledge is learned, and passion is shared. So far Elm is working closely with 8 singer/songwriters all with varying experience levels, a handful of choreographers and 40 emerging backup dancers - all primed and ready to set the world ablaze!   

Above all, Elm’s life mission is to inspire others through dance, utilizing Boogiezone as a vehicle for expanding his reach and Boogiezone Utopia as his creative outlet. Through whatever platform of creativity that he chooses, he promises to help bridge dancers to their dreams by sharing his love with as many around the globe, especially to those who do not have dance readily accessible. He enjoys meeting people from all over the world and hopes to continue serving as a positive role model for the dance community and industry at large.



First Place Online Dance Video Contest
The Banji Magic Show} [Sharaya J] [Missy Elliott - Judge]

Hall Of Fame
World of Dance]

Lifetime Achievement
[Culture Shock Los Angeles]

Lifetime Achievement Award
[Chapkis Dance] [Collaboration So Cal]

Choreographers Pick
[Baneful Brew “Dr. Seuss”] [Pulse Dance Convention]


MSA - Macdonald/Selznick - Los Angeles