I’m so thankful for discovering Elm and Boogiezone Utopia. My daughter is a competitive dancer and he has opened a new door into the world of hip hop for her. Elm is a passionate educator and his knowledge, versatile style, positive, patient and encouraging manner has made such an impact on her as a dancer. His drive, creativity and passion is infectious and I see it in my daughter as a result of her time working with him. Thank you Elm, looking forward to you being a permanent part of her dance journey.
— Wendy Takahashi
We had Elm come into our studio to teach an intensive class. We are still feeling the positive impact he had on all our students. He is a passionate and well trained educator who will leave an amazing impression. Don’t hesitate to experience the Elm Pizarro difference.
— Beau Semm
I have experienced Elmboogie’s private lesson first hand and it sure brought out the best in me! He knows just what each student needs to be better, recognizes their strengths and leverages on it, and most of all makes student feel comfy and empowered at the same time!!! Stamp: highly recommended
— Mary Ann
I just took my first private lesson with Elmboogie. He totally custermized a class just for me based on what I wanted to work on. He figured out my problems and gave me solutions right away. The advices he game me in the class are lifetime tools which I can apply in any classes!!! I definitely take his private class again! Thank you Elm!
— Misato Ota
If you’re looking for the BEST! Like an amazing, patient, warm instructor, with positive energy, and super helpful tips and advice, and original / fun choreography. Then Elm is your answer.
— Megumi Matsuda
The job was to make people feel comfortable taking a dance class (in this case hip hop) and learn how to overcome your fears or just learn begin learning the basics. Everything went perfect! The environment was a good one and the pace catered to everyone needs! Definitely recommend him as a teacher!
— Hector Chavez
My experience with Elmboogie has been absolutely amazing!! He is helping me step out of my comfort zone in the dance world. He is able to teach from a beginner dancer to an amazing advanced dancer. I am am very grateful to be able to learn from him!
— Luna Munoz
Elm is one if the best dancers I’ve ever seen. He’s really great at breaking down steps and especially helping beginners understand moves and fundamentals. He’s also a very nice guy and very encouraging. Most importantly, he really listens to your questions and concerns and values your opinion. If you want to learn hip hop dancing then you can’t go wrong with Elm!
— Jackson Kim


Eve Dawn of New Horizon -  [Creative Director | Boogiezone]

The BZ Speakeasy Show Producer - [Creative Director | Boogiezone Utopia]

Dystopia – Death of Creativity - [Creative Director | Boogiezone Utopia]

Club Jete - [Guest Artist | Tiffany Billings & MSA]

Carnival Choreographers Ball - [Guest Artist | Paulette & Carey]

Magazine Launch - [Guest Choreographer | Daniel Magazine]


Breed – [Professional Exhibition Dance Company | Creative Director | Boogiezone]

Boogiezone Armada - [Creative Director | Boogiezone]

Diamond Disco Dollz - [Creative Director | Boogiezone]

Baneful Brew - [Creative Director | Boogiezone]

Offspring - [Jr. Exhibition Dance Company | Creative Director | Boogiezone]


BZX - International Dance Exchange Program - [Director | Producer | Boogiezone]]

BZU – Boogiezone University - [Producer | Focus Dance Center] 

Jingle Jam – Winter Dance Intensive - [Co-Producer | Jayvee Dance Center]

Boogiezone Family Reunion - Dance Community Showcase - [Producer | Boogiezone]

UWB – United We Boogie - Global Showcase - [Producer | Singapore & Japan]

The Boogiezone Community Class Network - [Producer | 17 Satellite Locations Worldwide] [2004-2015]


In Living Color - Fly Girls - [Tabitha and Napolean D'umo]

America's Best Dance Crew - [Howard Schwartz][MTV]

Step Up 2 - [John Chu]


“Honest” - [Music Video Kayla Briana]

“Fall Again” [Music Video Lauren Shelley]

“Nerdy and I Know It” - [Viral You Tube Music Video] [Husky]


Melody Reyne - [Creative Director] [Independent]

Kayla Briana - [Choreographer] [Independent]

Nekiya Ade - [Content Producer] [Independent]

Joey Diamond - [Choreographer] [Unsigned]

Ammaya - [Choreographer][Artistic Director][DNA]

Adrian Angeles - [Artistic Director]{DNA]


First Place Online Dance Video Contest - [The Banji Magic Show} [Sharaya J] [Missy Elliott - Judge]

Hall Of Fame - [World of Dance]

Lifetime Achievement - [Culture Shock Los Angeles]

Lifetime Achievement Award - [Chapkis Dance] [Collaboration So Cal]

Choreographers Pick - [Baneful Brew “Dr. Seuss”] [Pulse Dance Convention]



Boogiezone Utopia - [Owner Operator | Faculty] [Torrance, CA]

Temecula Dance Center - [Urban Legends] [EKetc]

Elevation Studios - [In The Spotlight] [Long Beach, CA]

Culture Shock Dance Center - [San Diego, CA]

Quest Learning Center - [Artesia, CA]

Mt. San Antonio College - [Guest Teacher Walnut, CA]

UCI - University of California Irvine – [Presenter Irvine, CA]

Upland High School - [Master Teacher] [Upland, CA]

Stylz - [Guest Instructor] [West Covina, CA]

The Lab - [Guest Instructor] [West Covina, CA]


Pac Modern - [Long Beach, CA]

The Recipe - [Word In Motion] [Los, Angeles, CA]


Groove Against The Machine Master Teacher Oakland, CA

Havoc Hour - [Guest Instructor] [San Jose, CA]

Monday Night Workshop - [Instructor] [San Jose, CA]

Funkanometry Sf - [Master Teacher] [San Francisco, CA]

Groove Nation - [Master Teacher] [Vancouver, WA]

Westlake Dance Center - [Guest Teacher] [Seattle, WA

The Connection - [Guest Teacher] [Kirkland, WA]

University Of Florida - [Gainesville, FL]


Boogiezone Utopia - [Owner | Guest Instructor] [Tokyo, Japan]

ef.  Studios - [Master Teacher] [Manila, Philippines]

Fadau - [Master Teacher] [Costa Rica]

Global Dance Center - [Master Teacher] [Amsterdam, Netherlands]

Tk Spin - [Summer Intensive] [Master Teacher] [London, Uk]

Pineapple Studios - [Guest Instructor] [London, Uk]

8-Count Dance Center - [Master Teacher] [Montreal, Canada]

Vybe Dance Studio - [Master Teacher] [Toronto, Canada]

The Vibe Dance Center - [Visiting Instructor] [Oslo, Norway]

Sonny Pederson Studio - [Instructor] [Copenhagen, Denmark]

Boogiezone Germany Tour - [Instructor] [7 Cities, Germany]

D-Maniac Studios - [Instructor] [Bangkok, Thailand]

Danz People - [Instructor] [Singapore]

Urban Dance Camp [Visiting Instructor] [Lorrach, Germany]

Boogiezone Australia - [BZ Community Class Workshop] [Melbourne, Australia]


World Of Dance Los Angeles - [Judge] [Los Angeles, CA]

Vibe Dance Competition - [Judge] [Irvine, CA] [Tokyo, Japan]

Ultimate Brawl - [Judge] [Riverside, CA]

Body Rock Dance Competion - [Judge] [San Diego, CA]

Fusion Dance Competition - [Judge] [San Diego, CA]

Dance Supremacy - [Judge] [Manila, Philippines]

Legends Tokyo - [Judge] [Tokyo, Japan]

Artoficial - [Judge] [San Diego, CA]

Art of Arial - [Judge] [Rolling Hills, CA]


Brainchild Creative Group - [Founder] [Director of Marketing]

Rotary International - [Member] [Lomita Airport, Torrance]

Young Inc L.A. - [Client] [www.Younginc.La]


College Of Architecture & Urban Planning - [Class of 1997]
[Bachelor Of Arts Degree] [University Of Washington]

Rainier Beach High School - [Class Of 1992][Seattle, Wa]


MSA – Mcdonald Selznick - [Educator, Creative Direction, Set Design, Choreographer] [Los Angeles, CA]


Architecture, Graphic Design, Web Design, Film Editing, Interior Design


Available Upon Request