In a state of my own Dystopia

Good morning world, I've never really tried using Facebook to express my feelings in this way before.  Reading Gina Kay Hong 's post this morning has inspired me to write and share right now.  I see others share through social media so openly (Maybe not my thing or am i just too afraid of being judged)? I guess it makes me wonder inside "Wow. How can you just be that real, and say whatever you want and not care about what people say about you after?"  Well I guess maybe i care too much, so I remain silent (at least virtually).  Im going to take a crack at it. If nothing else Im sure this will be a therapeutic exercise. :)

Apparently, because of who I am, as a creative person, a role model for my community and now business owner I really do have to be aware of how I present myself to the public right? To a degree, but I'm just as human as you are.  I am someones son, brother, uncle, and friend.  I'm not Superman, and do not have any supernatural powers or other strength to harness aside from what I am blessed with by God.  I have true honest feelings too, happiness, hurt, resentment, regret, disappointment, sadness and I can and do get tired and even sick!

If you know me personally, you know how much I love to do multiple things at once.  I love to be crazy, and do insanely fun things just for the sake of being creative!  I was like this as a kid.  Truth.  My mom "Joy"  has never ever told me as I was growing up that I couldn't do something or wasn't allowed to do something. I would build Clubhouses that took up the entire back yard, scale vertically up the backside of our 3 story house, and more. She just let me be me. Be absolutely creative, and simply gave me the tools and freedom to exercise and explore! 

It's odd, I think about this now, I cant' even remember her telling me "No, you can't have that"  even when we couldn't afford things she would say "We will find a way"  etc.  So positive! I love you mom!  Her personal, "YOU CAN DO IT and HAVE ANYTHING YOU WANT" attitude has really become a part of who I am and I think is the reason for why I try so hard to help others see and believe this for themselves! 

This is is the reason why, in all of my endeavors, from my professional architecture career to this wonderful roller coaster of a learning experience called Boogiezone - I have been able to connect with so many amazing people, work on so many gigantic projects through my years and feel like there wasn't anything I couldn't at least attempt to do (creatively I mean).  I don't do anything dangerous which is why you won't see me bungee jumping anytime that soon. I don't have that type of courage unfortunately. :)

What am i getting to?

For 2 years, I've envisioned turning our entire 14,000 Square Foot Facility @bzutopia in Torrance into a Halloween show.  I mean it's the perfect setting for it, but still a crazy crazy insane idea.  A daunting task.  I was thinking to not go along with it again this year, totally doubting my own personal ability to pull it off without any financial resource or manpower. But honestly, I am amazed and Thankful to have amazing talented friends like Knicole Breahn Haggins and Mike Pinedo and Joey Cooper who once they said they were "on board to help me with Dystopia - Interactive Halloween Dance Maze/Show " I had the confidence to at least give it my best shot.  

From that point onward, once making the decision to do it - things just started to happen (slow at first and then snowball). It's funny how once you make a choice and you realize that there is no turning back what happens next!  For those of you on the fence about what to do, or where to go...just DECIDE. 

Process is Everything.  This is my MANTRA.

In all of the planning, rehearsing, set building, sleepless nights, bickering, mishaps, miscommunication, disappointments...I can honestly say I have had so much fun creating this alongside you all. I really enjoy my creativity come Halloween time. Something about it, and for my friends who have experienced KFC (you probably get it). There has been so much work and effort that has gone into this since starting the process.  So many talented dancers, choreographers, handy, crafty people - everyone has pitched in. Im afraid to start thanking each of you personally here, because I don't want anyone to feel bad if I forget to mention you. I'll do it in person. None of this would be possible if it weren't for you!It makes me a little sad to see that so much work has been invested into this project and that even our closest Community/Industry or even local friends cannot spare the time or the $10 to support it. I've personally invited some directly and I can't seem to get you here. When really, all I want to do is share and give to you what the choreographers, dancers, and numerous volunteers who have poured into this show have given to bringing this idea to life!  It truly is amazing to see what has been put together in so little time. We have all busted ass, and now we just want to put on a good show! We want an audience!

Dystopia, is a great piece of work!  But don't take my word for it.  As with anything new, perhaps it is misunderstood?  And you don't know what you are going to get?  It's super hard to explain.  It's NOT a maze people! It's an artistic collaboration, a true achievement in artistry, an interactive dance show that has tons of talent being showcased in it.  We've transformed this place into everything I couldn't imagined it would be.  It's ridiculous.  There is no way in heck I could have done this alone.  Just no way at all. FEEL TO BELIEVE. :)

Last night, Thursday we didn't really have an audience to perform for.  And for those few that ventured into the night yesterday and supported we thank you. For those that do perform, you know what it feels like to dance in front of hardly NO ONE?  We feed off of vibes, off of energy. I owe it to my Directors, Choreographers, and Cast to make sure we have a good crowd for our final 2 shows! 


Dystopia is definitely a labor of love. 

Maybe, Halloween is not your thing but from an Artistic standpoint the passion we have for creating and sharing the creation is the reason I am urging you to come.  See for yourself!

To my age old Boogiezone Family, and our long time supporters in the community - Do you remember what it used to be like when we would support each other before everything got REALLY competitive and segmented because of social media? I’m sure you know what I mean.  Nowadays, it’s about youtube subscribers, followers and likes. And Im all about it too, there is nothing wrong with it, but please let’s not forget about ART and sharing ART and CREATIVITY in person.  Social Media has become the quickest and most powerful way to share what we do, especially through video…but for something like DYSTOPIA, there is no way you could experience it as it was intended.  


I didn’t mean for my personal rant to turn into a marketing ploy, or did I? Just consider this a personal invite then, there are only 2 shows left tonight at 7pm and 8pm.  You can buy tickets at the door, but due to space limitations we can only take up to 75 each show. The 7pm has tons of space as of 11:30am. The 8pm is going fast. 



Anyway, here you have it.  If you’ve read this far - thanks for taking the time.  To the entire Dystopia - Cast and Crew, I am so grateful and thankful for your personal investment in making this show a reality.  No matter who is in attendance tonight, let’s ENJOY AND HAVE A BLAST doing what we LOVE!